Welcome to Low Four

Low Four roof and balcony.Welcome to Low Four.  The past few months have been extremely hectic as we’ve been readying the studio for our first show.  It really would not have been possible without all the fantastic help from friends, family and of course official partners, who we will be profiling on here in the weeks to come.

This incredible space is as much yours as it is ours and we want to use it to make a positive contribution to Manchester’s music and creative economy.  What you are currently seeing in our shows and on our website is hopefully only a fraction of the project’s potential.  For the time being we are still feeling our way around, working out what all these buttons do, and making a start on getting our message out there so this can be the best platform it can possibly be.  We’re starting with some of our favourite, established bands who have shown early trust in us but we will soon be expanding to a big variety of programming with more ambitious content and formats, showcasing a full spectrum of incredible talent; from the best emerging local bands to the wonderfully weird and obscure.

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Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon at Low Four.