Low Four is a home for new music; a place for music to be made, experienced and enjoyed. 

As an Ultra High Definition IPTV music platform, Low Four streams and archives live performances from established international touring acts and emerging local artists. The audience viewing balcony means that these recordings (along with other special events, concerts, lectures and parties) are open to the public through ticket-giveaways and competitions. 

Low Four nurtures Greater Manchester’s most promising new artists directly by making awards of free recording time and access to the studio’s production and development team.

Some of the music we produce is released through our in-house record label.

Low Four is an independent project supported by Allied London and is part of Enterprise City UK at St John’s, designed to benefit the creative ecology of Manchester and make the city a better place to live. 


Completed in 1962, the studio was built as part of the original Granada Studios, the television powerhouse founded by media baron Sidney Bernstein, and designed by Ralph Tubbs, an architect renowned for his work on the Dome of Discovery for the Festival of Britain,

The live-room was originally connected to a control room above and was where The Beatles rehearsed for their first ever TV appearance.  In 1979 the studio was refurbished and acoustically treated by Mel Cheetham, with the control rooms re-built next door.  In its heyday, it was used to record theme tunes and soundtracks for classic ITV dramas such as Jewel in the Crown, Brideshead Revisited and Sherlock Holmes, often by sections of the Halle Orchestra.

It later played host to numerous bands who would pre-record tracks in the studio then later lip-synch to them live on TV.  Into the nineties and beyond; cheaper recording methods and outsourcing, along with cuts to popular music programming eventually saw the studio used less and less for its original purpose.  In the lead up to ITV relocating to Salford in 2013, the space was largely used as a green-room and to host parties, as well as the backstage area for The Jeremy Kyle Show.


Appear on a show:  music@lowfour.tv

We listen to everything and will be in touch if there is a show suitable for you. 

Commercial Hire / Events / Anything else: hello@lowfour.tv