Aldous RH

Aldous RHReal name Alex Hewitt, the former Egyptian Hip Hop leader and precocious talent rarely sits still. Signing to Polydor subsidiary R&S Records still in their teens, Hewitt’s former band grew too left-field for the major label to keep up.


Since disbanding, Hewitt assumed his new identity and quietly released his debut solo record in 2012 only to quickly disappear off to play with everyone from the likes of Charlotte Gainsbourg to Hudson Mohawke. Now, channeling the spirits of Prince and Michael Jackson, there seems to have not just been a musical awakening but also a sexual one, and on a Hugh Hefner scale. Aldous RH has finally arrived and it’s to the sound of snapping knicker-elastic and feinting ladies. We should be grateful he’s allowing us to bask in his warm and warped sensuality… there is a god, his name is Aldous.