Alexis Taylor

Alexis TaylorAlexis Taylor is a musician, producer and songwriter from London who formed Hot Chip with Joe Goddard whilst at school, and has gone on to make 5 albums with the now expanded five-piece pop group. He also has released solo records on the Treader and Domino labels, and three acclaimed albums with improvised/non-improvised music project About Group.


Taylor has collaborated with Venice Biennale award-winning visual artists Oliver Payne and Nick Relph as part of Frieze, as well as recently performing new renditions of Benjamin Britten-arranged folk songs with Green Gartside of Scritti Politti. His most recent group is with Cologne house producer Justus Köhncke Рtogether they are Fainting By Numbers.


Taylor primarily plays synthesizers, piano and guitar, and sings. His star-sign is Aries, although sometimes it is Taurus, depending on which horoscope you read. His favourite colour is yellow and his favourite musicians are Alex Chilton and Prince. Playing songs from his new album Piano which features stripped down and re-imagined versions of songs from Hot Chip and his side project About Group, as well as some of his favourite artists.