KoalasSynth-pop band Koalas return to Low Four Records with their most upbeat track yet, Sandcastles is a post-summer anthem that serves as a metaphor for what the Manchester duo of Samuel Jones and Rachel Waters might do come the final countdown.

Sam explains… “Sandcastles started out as a reaction to a particularly bleak news day, I remember looking at the headlines all lined up and it felt like everything was just unravelling in real time. The song is about that disconnect between how normal every day life feels in comparison to the surreal, disturbing world events going on around us that push the doomsday clock ever closer to midnight. The track combines these two dissonant feelings; on the surface the joy and introspection of a summer getaway that operates as a metaphor for what we might do in our final hours in the event of a nuclear warning.”


Koalas take influence from more electronic artists such as Boards of Canada and Caribou, combined with 80’s pop of Eurythmics and Bronski Beat.


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